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NVLSP Activities in 2017


Filed more than 650 appeals before the Court of Appeals for Veteran's Claims (CAVC). NVLSP averages over a 90% win-rate at the Court.


Placed over 410 cases of veterans and service members with the Lawyers Service Warriors® national network of volunteer attorneys.


Over 1,140 attorneys and advocates have participated in one of 24 webinars held in 2016.


Over 1,700 attorneys, service officers and advocates were trained at in-person trainings conducted in states across the country.


In 2017, NVLSP forced VA to pay more than $5.1 million in retroactive benefits to 134 survivors of deceased Vietnam veterans who suffered from diseases that VA conceded were the result of their exposure to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.

Other Victories...
  • NVLSP’s victory in the Staab case became final in 2017, thereby requiring VA to reimburse tens of thousands of veterans an aggregate of $2 billion that they were unlawfully required to pay for the emergency medical expenses they incurred at non-VA facilities since 2010.


  • NVLSP’s advocacy helped overturn the Veterans Court’s long held position that it does not have authority to aggregate claims in a class action, even for those veterans who have not obtained a Board of Veterans’ Appeals decision. This is one of the most important victories in veterans law since the Veterans' Judicial Review Act of 1988.


  • NVLSP discovered that for many years the Department of Defense had wrongfully withheld a portion of disability severance payments it owed to thousands of combat-injured veterans based on the mistaken belief that these payments were taxable. To remedy this injustice, NVLSP helped persuade Congress to enact the Combat-Injured Tax Fairness Act, allowing these veterans to obtain reimbursement of the $78 million that DOD wrongfully withheld.
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